Resident Mascot

Margot , Resident Mascot

Introducing Margot the Boxer, the loyal and playful guardian of our nest! When Margot is not busy playing with her beloved Ava, she takes her role as a protector very seriously. Margot is always ready to keep an eye out for any potential threats that upset her family!

Beyond her guarding duties, Margot also enjoys indulging in her favourite hobbies. Going on long walks. Additionally, Margot has a knack for expressing herself through her distinct barks, adding a touch of liveliness to any situation.

One of Margot's greatest pleasures is spending time with Ava. Whether it's chasing balls or frolicking around the backyard, their energy and enthusiasm are truly infectious. Their bond serves as a reminder of the unbreakable connection between Margot and her human family.

If you find yourself at our nest office, don't be surprised if Margot is there too, keeping a watchful eye from her perch near the window. Clients are always welcomed with her endearing presence, as she eagerly awaits the opportunity to receive treats and a comforting pat on the head.

With her unwavering loyalty, playful spirit, and natural protective instincts, Margot is an integral part of our team. She not only brings joy and laughter to those around her but also instils a sense of security and companionship.

Job Title: Resident Mascot